We have many clients from people recovering from injury or illness to the professional and amateur athlete. Among our sports massage clients, we see runners, boxing and kickboxing champions, kayakers, baseball players, football players, tennis players, golfers, and rodeo cowboys. We also see people who sit at desks all day and need a little help to keep muscles healthy.


We support ultrarunners at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and NorCal Ultras. You can hear from some of our clients by visiting our Facebook page or our Yelp reviews.


Brian H.

Hands down the greatest place to get a massage or tortured! Whichever you want to call it, it is worth it! Thank you!

Diana B

30 minutes spent turned a whole back sprain/pinched nerve problem around. I should have come for help weeks ago. I can only say Thank You!

Gina L.

I've gone to all three MT's and they are all helpful and therapeutic (+ super friendly) in my pre and post race recoveries. Mosnters are the best!

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I recently started seeing Jared for shoulder pain from a long ago rotator cuff tear. I work out regularly and the shoulder was hurting more and more. My doctor recommended surgery, but I thought I'd try some alternatives first. My gym coach recommended Monsters and I see why. My shoulder range of motion has significantly improved and the shoulder pain has been cut in half. This is after only 3 visits. Next I'll have him wor on my long term knee pain and limited ankle range of motion. 

Yes, it hurts (I'm told Jared doesn't hurt as much as LeVoyce), but it's well worth it.​

HP, Auburn

Best sports massage!! I see Marcy and she is amazing!! You'll be in pain during the massage , but if you're results oriented, you'll love how you feel when you're done... I always come in with some sort of pain (back pain, shoulder pain etc.); I always walk out with no pain. It's the only massage place I'll visit.

Claudio B, Roseville