The Monsters of Massage offer a unique technique with result-orientated extreme deep tissue sports massage. This technique, which enthusiastically embraces the "no-pain-no-gain" philosophy, has to be experienced to truly be appreciated (LOL). We refer to ourselves as Sports and Therapeutic Orientated.


People re-book because of the positive results they experience. We refer to ourselves as Sports and Therapeutic Orientated. Athletes from all levels, mostly extreme ones, receive a quick release from the toxins, and lactic acid produced by their event, workout, or the daily wear and tear of their lives.


Our clientele is diverse, from professional athletes from many backgrounds to those who are simply suffering from the casualties of life. Athletes such as Ultra Marathoners, Ironman, MMA Fighters, Professional Horseback Riders and Football players will benefit from our techniques to help recovery from hard workouts to injury prevention. Other clients may simply need our brand of therapy to help them recover from automobile accidents, disease, surgeries, or just tight muscles. Sciatica is one of the top complaints that bring people to the Monster Den.


We are truly body-workers who go after blocked or stubborn injuries or the symptomatic conditions of the body itself. 




John V.

"Glorious, I mean horribly painful, but what I needed."

Angie P.

"I couldn't take 15 minutes of this!"

Diana B.

"Not quite as bad as child birth!"